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Online safety for young children (age 4 – 7)

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Online Safety Online safety

Children are spending time online at a younger age than ever before. Even if your child doesn’t use phones or tablets at home yet, they’re likely to come across them at school and in friends’ homes. And while your child will gain important benefits from using technology, like keeping in touch with family, playing with friends and discovering new things, unfortunately there are also risks. So it’s never too early to talk to your child about how they use technology, how to keep online information private and what to do if they come across anything that makes them feel worried, scared or sad.

This page has tips for talking to young children (aged around 4-7) about online safety and for helping to keep them safe when they’re online.

You can find more advice about keeping very young children safer online on the CEOP and Internet Matters websites.

You can find tips for talking to older children (aged around 8-12) here.

Tips for helping younger children stay safer online

Resources to look at together

Here are some books, videos and games you could look at together that will help start a conversation about online safety and introduce some important messages.

Last updated: 10 Oct, 2023