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Getting them ready for a new baby brother or sister

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Behaviour Brothers and sisters

The arrival of a wee baby brother or sister is bound to be a bit of a shock to your other children. Suddenly, you've got a whole new little person to think about, and your older child is going to notice that the attention isn't always on them anymore!

The news may be hard for little minds to grasp, but with a bit of prep you can make it good news for everyone.

Before your new baby arrives

Try to involve your child right from the word go. Let them touch your tummy and tell them about the baby growing inside – but don’t push the subject if they’re not interested. Show them where this new arrival will be sleeping and ask them for help with choosing newborn essentials, like clothes and toys.

From the parents:

  • "Reading books about becoming a sister/brother and sharing as much of the preparation for baby as possible"
  • "We gave our 21-month-old a new baby doll with a car seat as she visited her new baby brother for the first time"
  • "We gave our toddler a present from the baby when he arrived and our toddler chose a present for the baby"

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Last updated: 17 Aug, 2023