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Here you’ll find further information and resources about the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC), including where to get help and support if your child’s rights have not been respected.

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Information and resources about the UNCRC

Support from the Children and Young People’s Commissioner

Scotland has a Children and Young People’s Commissioner who is responsible for promoting and protecting the rights of children and young people in Scotland. The commissioner’s website offers a clear overview of what children’s rights and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) are. It’s full of useful advice and current news with information about what to do if your child’s rights have not been respected.

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Further information from the Scottish Government

The Scottish Government have published a reference guide to Children’s Rights Legislation in Scotland (2019). This is for parents and carers and those working with children and young people and goes into some depth about the UNCRC and its place in Scotland. 

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Information on Children's Rights from Children 1st

Scotland's national children's charity Children 1st has lots of information about children's rights and how you can make sure they're respected.

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Children's rights in education

  • If you want to read more about children’s rights in a nursery, school or college setting, take a look at Parentzone Scotland. It provides specific information for parents and families and gives a clear overview of the UNCRC.
  • For parents and families with children who need additional support for learning, Enquire and  My Rights My Say are great places to find out more.
  • 77% of schools in Scotland are registered as Rights Respecting Schools,  a programme which supports and recognises schools that put the UNCRC into practice. UNICEF UK, who lead the Rights Respecting School programme, post an Article of the Week, for families and schools. Each presentation covers different parts of the UNCRC and explores specific children’s rights issues. They provide information and suggest activities so that children and young people can get involved and learn about their rights.
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Children's rights and health

To find out more information or to access support for your child’s rights in relation to health, Children’s Heath Scotland offers advice and help.

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Rights of Care Experienced children and young people

Scotland has committed to The Promise, to ensure all Care Experienced children and young people grow up loved, safe and respected.

Who Cares? Scotland supports Care Experienced people, providing lifelong support including independent advocacy, a helpline, knowledge about rights and access to local groups.

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Children's rights in relation to bullying

Respect Me is Scotland’s anti-bullying service and offer advice to parents, carers and families about anti-bullying and children’s rights.

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Rights of children and young people from Gypsy/Traveller communities

The Scottish charity Article 12 has worked closely with Gypsy/Traveller children and young people, equipping them with the skills, knowledge and confidence necessary to identify and highlight issues relating to them and the wider Gypsy/Traveller community. I Witness is a report that explores their experiences in relation to the UNCRC.

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