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Fun games to get your child ready for school

Starting school is exciting for young children and parents. It can also be a bit emotional! Most kids will settle into school easily enough, but most mums and dads will tell you that’s normal to feel a bit nervous about sending your “baby” into P1.

We’ve got some top tips from mums and dads for some fun games you can play these holidays so you can both look forward to starting school. If your child is anxious about the thought of going to school, our page on helping your child with worries about primary school has more tips.

Play school!

Getting ready for the first day of school

From the parents

"My little boy didn’t know anyone at his school and he was really worried about not making any friends. I just told him to say hello to the other kids, tell them his name and ask what their name is as if they think you’re nice then they’ll definitely want to play with you, and they did. After his first day he came back with a list of children he played with."

– Rachael, Edinburgh

Last updated: 1 Apr, 2021