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Scottish schools and nurseries

Read our help and guidance about sending your child to school or nursery, and how you can help support them.

Schools reopening

If you have children at home then schools and childcare settings being closed has been difficult. You might have enjoyed the extra unexpected time as a family, but there may have been days when it all felt overwhelming. So it’s natural to feel a mix of emotions at the thought of your little one going back to school or nursery.

You might feel a little guilty at feeling relieved. You may also have worries about what schools are doing about health and safety. Your kids will probably have their own worries too. You’ll probably have questions about what is changing at your child’s school or childcare setting, as well as questions on what you can do to help prepare your child.

The decisions have been based on what’s best for children and young people. They've been made by the Scottish Government, local authorities, teaching unions, and parent organisations. The plans for going back are based on the scientific advice about the levels of coronavirus in Scotland. It's based on the idea that the benefits of getting children back to learning outweigh the small risks of getting back into the classroom. The new guidance covers all the practical things schools can do to reopen safely.

You might have heard about plans for “blended learning” which means a mix of online learning at home and time in the classroom. The progress we’ve all made controlling the virus has meant this isn’t needed, and children can go back full time.

We have information to reassure you and to help you reassure your children so they’re prepared to start or return to school, nursery or their early learning setting. We also have advice for you if your child has additional support needs, or if someone in the family is coming out of shielding.