Your guide to

wellbeing for wee ones

From the moment your baby is born, positively engaging with them is really important to help them feel happy and loved. It’s also crucial to how their little brains develop as they get older. Pulling funny faces and speaking to them in a tuneful voice is a vital way to help their minds grow and change.

The attention you give them will make them feel connected to you, safe, and cared for. Attention gives your child the stimulation their minds require, and gives them the support they need to grow into happy, healthy people. The more time and love you give them the better, don’t worry about molly coddling them. You can’t spoil a baby with love and attention.

Just listen to what they are trying to say to you and be there. Positive, loving relationships are so important right from the start. Listening to your baby and responding back to them helps to build their social and emotional wellbeing now and in the future. We have lots of information and tips to help you give your wee one everything they need to grow and develop into happy people.

What the professionals say

“You can never give your baby too much attention. However, it's important that the attention you do give is tuned into their cues and signals. They sometimes feel stressed by too much stimulation and may want to turn away. Your attention is then a quiet soothing attention rather than a playful one. Even thinking about them while they're sleeping seems to help their wellbeing and development.”

Dr Anne McFadyen, Infant Mental Health Lead