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With schools reopening, you’ll probably be feeling pretty relieved. But as happy as we might be at them going back, we need to be careful that the virus doesn't get out of control again. Here are some simple things parents can do to keep suppressing the virus and help life get back to normality.

  • Wear your face covering at all times when you’re dropping your children at school and when you’re picking them up.
  • Only one parent at a time should do drop offs and pickups.
  • Maintain physical distancing from other parents at the school gates and avoid travelling to and from school in groups with others.
  • Don’t car share with other households and limit using public transport if you can.
  • Look out for symptoms at home and follow Test and Protect guidance if anyone shows any signs of COVID.

Take a look at our pages below to find advice on coping during this time and how to support your children as they go back. We also have information on how you can support your child if they're still learning from home.

 You can find out the arrangements in your local authority using this dropdown.