Parent Club guide to


New COVID-19 protection levels

There are now 5 new COVID-19 protection levels in place in Scotland. These levels set out measures that can be applied nationally or locally. This new system has been introduced to make it easier for everyone to understand what protective measures are in place in their  area. It also means that if your area is moving from one level to another, you’ll know what to expect.

To find out what level you’re in, use the checker here

Remember, whatever level you’re in, there are still 5 important things to remember, FACTS :

  • F - wear a face covering  
  • A - avoid crowded places
  • C - clean hands and surfaces 
  • T - stay two metres away from other people 
  • S - self-isolate and book a test if you have COVID-19 symptoms.

You can find out more about staying safe during coronavirus here.

Adapting to changing restrictions is difficult, and we know it can be especially hard for parents and their families. But the evidence suggests we all have an important role to play in controlling the virus. By following these new rules, we are helping to protect our family and friends, as well as the wider community.

We’re here to help you during this time, and have lots of tips, info and advice on how the new protection levels affect things like childcare and how many people you and your children can meet up with and where. You can find out more about how the protection levels affect other areas (such as hospitality, travel and health care) on the Scottish Government website. There’s also a useful table showing what you can and can’t do here.