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The First Minister answers your children’s questions

Reading time: 3 minutes

Do your children have questions about coronavirus? To address some of the concerns they’re facing in these challenging times, First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon answers questions from kids across Scotland.

‘How does coronavirus spread?’ and ‘Why can I not see my granny?’ are just some of the questions put to the First Minister. See her answer them, and many more, here: 


You can see all the children’s questions and the First Minister’s responses by clicking on the links here, or you can watch the complete playlist below.

  1. Alexandra, age 10:  Can you get coronavirus without getting any symptoms?
  2. Archie, age 11:  When can I see my friends again?
  3. Divyansh, age 6: How does coronavirus spread?
  4. Dylan, age 11: Hello FM, me and my family are baking cakes and making soup for the people in the neighbourhood who need it and we were wondering who is looking after your mental health and also once this is all over if you want to come over for a cup of tea and a piece of cake?
  5. Ember, age 5:  How did the coronavirus start?
  6. Elsie, age 7: When will we be able to use the play parks again?
  7. Gino, age 7: Can my dog catch coronavirus? Her name is Bella.
  8. Jasper, age 6: Hi Nicola, I’m Jasper, I was just wondering could you give the homeless people a house while the coronavirus is here?
  9. Jude, age 4: What does the virus do to people? 
  10. Lulabelle, age 3: Why can we not see our granny?
  11. Millie, age 11: Do you think the schools will re-open again before the start of next term, because I’m in primary 7 and I’m slightly concerned about fitting in transitions.
  12. Nuala, age 10: I’m staying inside, I’m washing my hands. What else can I do to stop the coronavirus? 

These videos were filmed in April 2020. Please note that as of May 2020 loss of/change in smell and taste is also a recognised symptom of coronavirus.

If you’re not sure how to set your kids’ minds at rest, our page talking to children about coronavirus has some helpful tips.

If you would like more information for your children, these websites have advice for different ages: