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Getting crafty around the house

We know what you’re thinking - ‘I don’t have a creative bone in my body and this all seems so complicated!’ Grab a cuppa and relax. All these ideas are easy to do and easy on the cash. They are quick, don’t make a mess, and better still, use everyday things you’ll almost certainly have lying around at home. Here are just a few of our crafty faves!

Tip #1: Make cool cotton wool spider webs

Cotton wool balls aren’t just for nappy changing time – they can also transform into spooky spider’s webs that can stretch and stretch. All you need to do is sit the cotton wool on a warm radiator for a few minutes, just make sure it’s not too hot.

When it’s good and ready, give the warm wool to your little one and help them stretch it. They’ll be pretty impressed at how it turns into soft wispy spider webs. Who said crafty needed to be artsy?

Tip #2: Grrrrreat paper plate masks

It only takes a little imagination to turn your child into a fierce little lion or a big brave bear. Follow this simple tip and you’ll both go wild with laughter. Start by cutting out a circle in the middle of a paper plate for your child's face, then attach a lolly stick to the bottom of the plate. Make some ears out of paper and stick them to the top. Colour it in or try sticking on some cotton wool for an extra furry face.

Tip #3: Make playtime rock with a homemade rattle

Children love to make noise – the louder the better. These rattles let you create some beautiful music together. Don’t worry, they’re not that loud! Begin by pouring the beads or dried rice into plastic bottles – enough to cover the bottom. Double check that the bottles are securely closed to avoid spilling any. Show your child how to shake them and then get rocking ‘n’ rolling.

Tip #4: Anyone for balloon tennis?

Swap a ball with a bouncy balloon - you never know where it’s going to end up. You can play this laugh a minute game together inside or outside (but not if it’s windy!). How long can you keep it bouncing before the balloon falls? Blow the balloon up, stick the lolly sticks onto the paper plates, then it’s game on! Why not shout out when you hit the balloon? You could even grunt like a real tennis player! Count how many times you hit it and then try and beat it next time.