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Get the inside track on indoor fun

Okay, we’ve all been there - trapped indoors on rainy school holidays desperate to find something to keep the kids entertained. Well here’s some good news - there are lots of things you can play together as a family that use everyday items you’ll find lying around the house. These ideas are fun, keep little brains busy and are perfect for nipping tantrums in the bud.

Tip #1: The secret den in every home.

They may look like chairs and blankets to you, but to children they could be a castle, a tent, or a secret fort. Place the chairs in a circle and starting with the heaviest, drape blankets over the chairs. You could even take a torch and read stories to one another inside.

Tip #2: Tug of war

It’s time to find out who’s got the muscles in the family! Mum and dad, you’re going down! Place the jumper in between you both. Each of you holds one end of the rope and gently tugs. The “winner” is the person who tugs the other person over the jumper. Invite brothers, sisters, friends, mums, granddads, grannies to join in too - you’ll soon be rolling around with laughter. Don’t pull too hard or let go when someone else is pulling!

Tip #3: Let’s get guessing!

The guessing game is fun, easy and certain to wow your wee one, especially when you reveal objects from a magical bag. No way! They might not say it but they’ll be thinking it. To play, place 5-10 random items in a pillowcase from around the house. Let you kid put their hand inside (no peeking of course) and try and guess what the items are.