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Your guide to finding support

We all know times have been tough over the last few months. Restrictions may be easing, but that doesn't mean your worries are. Everybody has been affected in their own way during the coronavirus outbreak, and there’s nothing wrong with needing help from time to time.

We've detailed tips and advice below to help you cope with everything that’s gone on. From financial support, to employment advice, to practical help on how to arrange childcare we’ve pulled together some of the most useful info so that you can get the help that's available to you.

Financial support

This has been a challenging time for most families. It will be particularly hard for those who have had their hours and pay cut, or unfortunately lost their jobs. Even those still working may be finding balancing work and and childcare difficult.

Most of us have seen our budgets go out the window with our spending looking completely different than it did before lockdown. We have advice on how you can manage your family’s income, as well as advice and guidance on financial support that is out there that you may be able to get. We even have some advice on making your weekly food shop go further.

Childcare advice

For many parents, one of the hardest parts of the last few months has been the lack of childcare. Not having nurseries, schools, childminders, or even grandparents around has been tough. And there’s no shame in admitting it. As restrictions begin to ease and more childcare options become available, hopefully it will become easier for you to get the support you need.

We have some up-to-date information about your childcare options, as well as info and advice about returning to schools and ELC settings.

Working from home advice and returning to work support

Many of us have had to get used to working from home these last few months. And while there have definitely been advantages, like not having to commute, that doesn’t mean it’s been easy - especially with kids to look after.

So whether you are still working from home or returning to work the pages below can help you.

Support with your mental health

We all know how strange and difficult the last few months have been. This has been the most uncertain and challenging time that most of us have faced. From the strain on our relationships from being stuck at home, to the general anxiety that coronavirus has created, there aren’t many aspects of our lives that haven’t been impacted. And many of us have sadly lost loved ones during this time.

It’s okay not to feel okay at this time. Being a parent is the toughest job in the world without a global pandemic to worry about. And it is okay to ask for help if you need it. We have compiled some advice to help you with your mental health at this time. We also have links to other sources of practical support to help you through.

Children’s mental health

This has been a difficult period for kids as well as grown ups. Teenagers and older children may be worried about what it means for their future and have struggled being cut off from their friends. Younger children will be confused as to why they haven't been going to school or nursery and why they haven’t been able to give granny a hug. And you might find that your wee one is clingier than usual.

We have advice to help you support your child’s mental wellbeing and articles on the practical things you can do now, as well as links to other organisations that offer support.

Advice for soon-to-be parents and new parents

Being a new or expectant parent can be a scary time. It’s been even harder as people have been separated from the support their family can offer. The restrictions around maternity care have caused understandable uncertainty too.

We have some advice for both new and expectant parents to support their mental health during this time. We also have the up-to-date guidance on maternity care and immunisations.