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Writing letters together

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Writing helps keep kids entertained, while they’re finding out about themselves and the world around them. Here are some activities you can do together which will help your child write, and enjoy themselves at the same time.

Magic messages tips

Tip #1: Thank you

When your child receives a gift or a treat, you could encourage them to send a 'thank you' drawing. To get them started, you could talk about the person they're doing the drawing for, and what that person might like a drawing of. Do they like dogs? Is the dog a happy or a sad dog? What's the dog's name? Who is the dog’s best friend? Lots of kids love making pictures for other people - and the person who gets it will be very happy too.

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Tip #2: Dear Tooth Fairy

If your child's tooth falls out, you could help them write a message or draw a picture for 'The Tooth Fairy', then put it under their pillow with the tooth. You could even write a message or draw a picture back to them (from 'The Tooth Fairy'). Just imagine their wee face when they find it and read it back to you.

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Tip #3: Love from… me.

Another interesting activity for your child is to write a letter to a relative who lives far away. It needn’t be long - you could even stick to just three sentences - perhaps something like this: 'Hello Aunty Laura. How are you? I'm doing fine. I made a spaceship out of milk bottles yesterday. Love from Harry.' Your child could then help you send it to the person - using social media, email or by post.

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Last updated: 26 Oct, 2018