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What’s the story? Tips for finding out

Reading time: 0-5 minutes

Your children will love you reading with them, especially if you ask questions as you go through the story together. It can help them remember new words, get more involved in the story, and keep them interested.

Reading tips to try as a family

Tip #1: Spot the characters

There are a few characters in this book who your child might recognise from other famous stories or nursery rhymes. How many can they spot?

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Tip #2: You can do it!

When his big moment arrives, the dragon feels unsure and nervous, but he just needs some encouragement. Talk about how your child could help the dragon feel more confident – maybe by drawing a superhero outfit for the dragon or giving some advice.

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Tip #3: Add a dragon

Encourage your child to think of a story that they already know and enjoy. Talk to them about what would happen if a dragon was added into the story. See if your child can think of three things that could happen and put them together to make a comic strip in your notebook.

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Last updated: 26 Oct, 2018