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Using an electric breast pump

Where to get an electric breast pump?

Using an electric pump is often the quickest and most efficient way for mums to express their milk. Almost all maternity units have electric pumps for use in the unit. Some also have pumps you can borrow if your baby is in the neonatal unit or if you're having trouble with feeding. If you choose to express your milk you'll need to find your own pump. Buying a hand or a small electric breast pump, which runs on batteries or from the mains, is a good investment. You can also hire breast pumps from electric breast pump companies and some voluntary organisations.

How to set-up an electric breast pump

Electric breast pumps branded either Medela or Ardo are most commonly used in Scotland's hospitals. This first video uses a Medela electric pump to show you how to set-up an electric breast pump correctly - but both models are very similar, so the advice given should largely apply to Ardo pumps too.

How to use an electric breast pump

Mum comfortable and machine set-up correctly, this next video uses an Ardo electric breast pump to show you how to effectively express your breast milk.

How much to express?

As a rough guide, a baby under three months will take 100-120 ml (3-4 ounces) of expressed breast milk per feed, and a baby over three months will take 150-200 ml (5-7 ounces) per feed. However, this is approximate and after a few tries you'll soon know how much your own baby needs.

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Last updated: 16 May, 2019