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Staying active outdoors during the coronavirus outbreak

It doesn’t matter if it’s a walk along the street and back again, or a visit to your local woodland or open space, a little fresh air can go a long way towards giving everyone some much needed breathing space. Spending time outside is great for your physical wellbeing, and for clearing your mind and lifting your spirits.

Even if it's rainy or chilly outside, it’s still important that you and your family spend and enjoy plenty of time outdoors. It's also important to continue to wash your hands thoroughly when you get home, and to take some hand sanitiser with you, to keep everyone’s hands clean while you’re outside (although don't use alcohol-based hand sanitiser on babies under 1 year old). Taking these precautions means you’ll be less likely to catch or spread the virus when you’re out and about.

When you’re outdoors, don’t forget to follow physical distancing and hygiene guidelines. You can find out more on our page on meeting other households and coronavirus guidelines for children.

Tips for staying active outside

It’s good to play

If you feel self-conscious about playing outside with your children, don’t. Play is really important for children’s health and wellbeing – and it’s good for you too! Playing outdoors together will help you build a strong relationship with your children and relieve any tensions that may be building indoors. And did we mention it’s fun?

Can we take the kids to the play park?

Yes. Our page on sport, play and children's activities has tips on how to use play parks safely.

Can we play sport?

Our page on sport, play and children's activities explains more about the sports you can play and where you can play them.

Games you can play with another household

If you're in levels 1-4 and you meet another household outdoors in a public place, it’s important that everyone aged 12 and over follows physical distancing rules and avoids touching the same things. This means that a lot of the games you might have played before aren’t possible at the moment, because they involve contact between players or sharing equipment. Here are some ideas for games you can play while still maintaining physical distancing. 

Remember to always follow the latest guidance on meeting other people, and to keep your hands clean and only to use your own household's equipment. You could also use chalk or toys to make lines or barriers to keep everyone apart.

Games to play with other households

More play ideas

To help you get the kids active outdoors this summer, our Get into Summer page helps you find a range of ideas and activities across the country.

For more play ideas, visit the Actify and Play Scotland websites.