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Stay local guidance

From 2 April, if you are in a level 4 area, you no longer need to stay at home unless you have an allowed purpose for going out. Instead we must stay local – this means there are now no restrictions on travel within your local authority, but you mustn’t leave your local authority area except for an allowed reason.

You can read the full stay local guidance on the website, including the guidance on travel. You can see the Scottish Government’s timetable for easing restrictions here.

What counts as a reasonable excuse for leaving my local authority?

Allowed purposes for leaving your local authority include things like shared parenting, childcare, work (if you can’t work from home) and healthcare. You can find a full list of reasonable excuses to travel outwith your local authority area at on the website.

Can I meet family and friends?

From 12 March, 4 people aged 12+ from 2 households can meet outdoors for sport, exercise, recreation or socialising. However, children under 12 don’t count towards households or numbers when meeting outside. In addition, from this date young people aged 12-17 can meet in groups of up to 4, from 4 different households.

Can I go into someone else’s home?

At the moment it isn’t possible to meet up with anyone indoors, unless it’s for essential purposes, such as providing care. You can see a list of these essential purposes on the website.

If you’re visiting someone in their garden, it’s okay to go through their house to get there, but don’t touch anything. If you need to use their toilet, avoid touching surfaces with your hands as much as possible, wipe any surfaces that you do touch with antibacterial wipes, wash your hands thoroughly, dry your hands with a freshly laundered towel or a paper towel, which you should dispose of in a closed bin.

If members of another household are going to visit you outside and might need to use your toilet, make sure cleaning materials are available. You should also provide either a hand towel for each visiting household or paper towels and a safe disposal option.

Can I still see people in my extended household?

Yes, you can still see members of your extended household as before.

When will nurseries and schools reopen?

Our FAQ pages on schools and ELC settings have more information on the phased return to school.


Can I still get childcare from friends and family or a nanny?

Under the stay local restrictions, the rules for childcare remain the same as they were under the stay at home requirements. Our page on childcare explains more.

What if we share parenting?

The rules around shared parenting haven’t changed: where parents don’t live in the same household, children can move between their parents’ homes, this includes both supervised and unsupervised contact. Our page on shared parenting has more information.

Can my kids take part in sport or other organised activities?

Taking part in sport and other outdoor activities is great for children’s mental and physical health and wellbeing. So the good news is that outdoor activities can still continue, as long as the organisers are following the Scottish Government’s coronavirus guidelines. You can find out more about the rules around sport and other organised activities here.

How can we cope with spending more time at home again?

Going back to spending so much time at home with the kids isn’t going to be easy, but we’ve got lots of tips and advice to help you cope: