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Share a book and some quiet time

Reading time: 0-5 minutes

Sharing a book is a calming way for you and your kids to take time out during a hectic day. It’s also a great opportunity to squeeze in a little reading. Pick out a book together, sit back – and relax.

Tips for enjoying a quiet read

Tip #1: Getting them off their devices before bed

To get your kids off their devices and ready for bed, try letting your child read to you before bed to help them drift off quicker.

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Tip #2: Read new words

Reading and sounding out new words really helps bring them to life, and makes it easier for youngsters to remember them. You can follow new words with your finger as you read them with your child - and to really get them thinking, you could talk about which words rhyme with the new word they’ve learned.

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Tip #3: Pop new words on scrap paper

You can have fun turning tricky or new words into a game, by writing them down on a post-it or a piece of paper and sticking them to the fridge. Then when you’re in the kitchen together, your child can read the words to you.

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Tip #4: Take stories everywhere

By taking a book with you wherever you go, you can read together wherever you are! It’s an easy way to turn a bus journey, a visit to the park, or even a quiet afternoon at home into an adventure - especially if your child gets to choose what to read to you!

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Last updated: 4 Jan, 2019