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Money makes the fun go round

Reading time: 0-5 minutes

Kids love pretending to be grown-up. And playing shops, and learning about money and how bank cards work will fascinate your child. Plus – games are a good way to keep your child busy and entertained while they’re learning.

Money games to play with your kids

Game #1: Play shops

Help your child gather a selection of tins from the kitchen, then decide whether each can is worth 10p, 20p or £1 in pretend money. Have a go at making your own paper coins together (10p, 20p and £1). Next, decide who is going to be the shopkeeper and who is going to be the customer. You could take it in turns to buy shopping using the money you made and see who gets the best deal!!

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Game #2: Grand designs

Why not give your child a design challenge with a difference, and get them to create their own bank note or coin? They can decide how much their bank note or coin is worth, and add the images - just don’t try to use it at the supermarket.

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Game #3: Play and pay

Start by talking to your child about what a bank card is and how you use it - for example, paying for food at the shops. Now for the fun part. Get the coloured pens and crayons out, and let them design their own bank card. They could include their name, and even their own fake bank account number. Then you could help them cut it out, let them add a signature on the back, think up a 4 digit PIN number, and they can use it to play at shops.

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Last updated: 31 Oct, 2018