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Meet Sabina Sekowska

Mum of two, Edinburgh

Sabina (32) and her husband Wojtek (36) live in Craigmillar in Edinburgh with their two kids, Filip (4) and Sofia (1). 

What Sabina says

Why did you want to become a Healthy Helper?

"I am very passionate about having a healthy lifestyle and healthy eating." 

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as healthy eating always been important to you and your family?

"Healthy eating became important to me when I became pregnant with my two kids. I wanted to give my kids the very best that I could offer them so I became much more aware of preparing healthy meals using natural ingredients."

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Are your children fussy eaters?

"When my kids were little, they were very good eaters but now my four year old son Filip is a very fussy eater and refuses to eat almost every meal that’s put in front of him. Filip takes a long time to eat at the dinner table and doesn’t like what I make for him. This happens almost every single day. My daughter on the other hand is a very good eater and loves all kinds of food."

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How do you overcome teatime tantrums and get your kids to eat healthily?

"To get my kids to eat healthy food, I will blend and grate veg into soups and pasta sauces. Because my son loves soup, I will blend a variety of different veg into soup recipes, even ones that Filip doesn’t like. It’s important to make sure that your kids are getting all the vitamins and minerals that they need, but my best advice would be to offer a range of food from a very young age and to not force them to eat something they don’t like."

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What’s your favourite food swap?

"Instead of buying shop-bought biscuits, I like to bake sweet treats from scratch. I try not to give my kids a lot of sweets throughout the week, but I think it’s okay for them to enjoy a treat every now and then. And I love sweets – it’s my biggest downfall. So I believe if you’re going to have a treat, it’s better for them to be homemade so at least you know exactly what’s in them."

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Are you passionate about helping and encouraging others to eat healthy?

"I want to use my degree in nutrition by getting more involved in the community’s local toddler groups to help encourage mums to cook healthily and prepare healthy snacks for their kids."

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Sabina's favourite recipe

"Spaghetti Bolognese."

If your kids love Spaghetti Bolognese but you want to try something different give this Chicken and Pea Pasta a go. It’s quick, easy and affordable:

Sabina's top tips

"Try offering children a range of food from a very young age and to not force them to eat something they don’t like."

"To get my kids to eat healthier food, I often blend and grate veg into soups and pasta sauces."

"Go along to your local community group to meet like-minded people and pick up some great tips and advice."

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Last updated: 10 Dec, 2018