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Meet Lorna Cooper

Mum of four, Paisley

Lorna (39) lives in Paisley with her partner John and her 10 year old son Kyle. Lorna has two older children, Ayla who’s 22 and Jamie who’s 20. She also has a step-daughter called Grace who’s 15 and stays with them occasionally.

What Lorna says

Lorna's favourite recipe

"Crispy coated home-made chicken nuggets using smashed rice crispies always go down well with the kids.  For adults it’s ‘fakeaways’ – Lorna loves to re-create curries and Chinese recipes at home."

If you fancy making your own Chinese #fakeaway, try our Chicken Chow Mein recipe which costs £7 to feed a family of 4 and can be ready in 25 mins or less:

Lorna's top tip

"Get the goodness of veggies into your fussy kids by pureeing them into sauces or mashing them up into roasted croquettes. If they won’t eat a veg at mealtimes try and compromise by offering a piece of fruit for dessert."

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Last updated: 15 Oct, 2021