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Meet Judith McLean

Mum of three, Edinburgh

Just 18 months ago mum of three Judith Mclean (mid-forties) from Edinburgh, was a self-confessed convenience eater choosing takeaway pizzas over home cooked meals almost every night. But now, with growing toddlers, she has completely transformed her eating habits.

What Judith says

Judith's favourite recipe

"Chicken fajitas with all ingredients laid out for the kids to assemble."

Make your own fajitas with our Vegetable Fajitas recipe which can be ready in just 20 minutes:

Judith's top tips

"Use cookie cutters to cut out sandwiches to make them more appealing."

"Eat together as a family as often as possible to get them to associate dinner time with fun times."

"Keep putting things on your kids’ plates even if they don’t like it so they can get used to it and eventually they’ll be more likely to pick it up."

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Last updated: 6 Dec, 2021