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Meet Grace MacKenzie

Mum of one, Edinburgh

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Mum of one Grace Mackenzie (33) returned to study nutrition at university when she had her little girl, Poppy. Healthy eating had been a lifelong passion of hers but it wasn’t until Poppy was born with a number of severe allergies that she discovered just how valuable this knowledge would be.

What Grace says

Grace's favourite recipe

"Smoked mackerel with bread or breadsticks."

If you like the sound of Grace’s smoked mackerel, why not give our Mackerel Fish Cakes recipe a try? They cost less than £4, feed a family of 4 and can be ready in 25 minutes:

Grace's top tips

"Rice pudding is popular in my house and you can make it tasty using cinnamon rather than sugar. It’s also really cheap to buy and make."

"Stock up on raisins and sugar-free jelly to help satisfy sweet tooth cravings."

"Don’t put out too big a portion for your child as it can sometimes be off putting."

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Last updated: 4 Dec, 2021