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Meet Erin Davies

Mum of two, Hamilton

Erin Davies (28) and her husband Christopher (29) live in Hamilton with their two kids Logan (4) and Tilly (6 months).

What Erin Says

Why is healthy eating so important to you and your family?

"I have always been passionate about healthy eating. I joined a slimming group so that I could eat and cook healthier food for me and my family. When I was first weaning with Logan, I was very aware of everything that I was giving him and I wanted to make sure that he had a balanced diet. I quickly realised that I should pay better attention to my own eating habits. Ultimately, I wanted to set a good example to my kids. I still go to the slimming group as a way to maintain my healthy weight and to encourage other members too."

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Are your children ‘fussy eaters’?

"My son Logan is not a fussy eater at meal times and I think that’s because I have introduced him to a variety of different foods from a very young age. I tried to feed Logan the same kinds of food that Christopher and I were having because I didn’t want Logan to develop into a fussy eater over time."

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What are some of your top tips for healthy eating?

"One of my top tips is that the kids are not allowed sugar from Monday to Thursday; however they can have a sweet treat at the weekend. Because Logan is not exposed to a lot of sugar during the week, I have found that he doesn’t seem to crave it as much as other kids. I also get my son in the kitchen to help cook.  Logan will help me measure out ingredients, stir sauces and even use a food processor. He’ll eat anything you give him if he’s been involved in the actual cooking process. The key is getting him to help prepare and cook. I also take him to the supermarket with me, where he picks out different ingredients for dinner."

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How did you get into cooking and how long have you been cooking?

"While I’ve always loved to bake, my love of cooking only began when I began weaning my eldest son, Logan."

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What’s your favourite recipe for batch freezing?

"Vegetarian Spaghetti Bolognese. I use beans and lentils instead of mince. I also like to batch freeze individual portions of the Bolognese into smaller tubs – saving time and ensuring that everyone in my family gets a perfect portion of pasta."

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What’s your favourite recipe when you’re in a hurry?

"I like to make French toast and toast with beans and cheese. Another one of my favourite ‘dinner in a hurry’ recipes is a tuna and mixed bean pasta salad. It only takes a few minutes to make and it’s a super easy and delicious dinner that the whole family enjoys."

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Erin's favourite recipe

"Cottage pie with parsnip base and potato top. Everyone loves this dish and it’s an easy way for the kids to get some of their 5 a day." 

Make your own version of Erin’s cottage pie with our recipe which cooks in 1 hour and costs less than £5 to feed the whole family:

Erin's top tips

"Limit the kids’ intake of sugar throughout the week. Allow sugar only at the weekend."

"Get your kids involved in the cooking process – I’ve found that they’re more likely to eat new meals if they’ve helped make it."

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Last updated: 10 Dec, 2018