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Meet Erin Davies

Mum of two, Hamilton

Erin Davies (28) and her husband Christopher (29) live in Hamilton with their two kids Logan (4) and Tilly (6 months).

What Erin Says

Erin's favourite recipe

"Cottage pie with parsnip base and potato top. Everyone loves this dish and it’s an easy way for the kids to get some of their 5 a day." 

Make your own version of Erin’s cottage pie with our recipe which cooks in 1 hour and costs less than £5 to feed the whole family:

Erin's top tips

"Limit the kids’ intake of sugar throughout the week. Allow sugar only at the weekend."

"Get your kids involved in the cooking process – I’ve found that they’re more likely to eat new meals if they’ve helped make it."

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Last updated: 4 Sep, 2021