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Resources and tips for supporting your child's learning

If you're looking for resources to help support your child’s learning, either in school or at home, there are lots of easy-to-use materials out there. To stop it all feeling totally overwhelming, we’ve worked together with Education Scotland to pull together our top picks. And remember, no one expects you to be a teacher!

There’s no such thing as lost learning

If you’re worried that your child has missed out on learning during lockdown, you needn’t be. In this short film, Dr Janet Goodall from the Learning Foundation explains that there’s no such thing as ‘lost learning’ and that children have been learning all the time during this strange situation.

If you only use one resource…

Use BBC Bitesize. It has resources for kids of all ages, including a number of educational and entertaining videos that can give you a break. The BBC Newsround page is a good way for kids to keep up to date with the news if they want to find out what’s happening. If you want something more fun but also educational try the CBeebies and CBBC pages.

Maths resources

Helping your kids with maths might be a little daunting at first. Sumdog, the Maths Week Scotland website and Numberblocks are great places to start.

Our page on helping with maths homework has lots of suggestions for ways to make maths fun.

Reading resources

Again, BBC Bitesize is your friend! The Scottish Book Trust also has a great site.

Our page on helping kids with their spelling homework has lots of suggestions for ways to make spelling fun.

Tips for helping children learn at home

For tips to help teenagers, check out our page on supporting your teenager’s learning.

Don’t forget to play!

Play helps kids learn and grow too. Encouraging them to play is one of the best things you can do for them. Our page on helping your child through play has more information about this, and there are lots of ideas for games on our website too.

Here are some tips for wee ones:

  • Kids love drawing and painting – let their imaginations run wild.
  • To burn off some energy, why not try using dance videos on YouTube or making an obstacle course? Build a den with sofa cushions, cereal boxes, towels – anything to hand.
  • If in doubt, read them a story.
  • Being read to, guessing the next word and acting out the stories is all fun for wee ones.
  • Make music! Sing nursery rhymes, dance around to pop songs, or create drums out of saucepans.

Supporting children with additional support needs

Our page on supporting children with additional support needs has advice on how to help your child with their learning as they return to school.

Other useful resources

The Parentzone Scotland website has lots of information about learning at home.

Are your kids interested in cooking and baking? The Food Standards Scotland website has games and educational resources to help children learn about food safety and nutrition.

Dekko educational comic books are now available for free to support children, teachers and parents during the coronavirus outbreak. Aimed at 8-12-year-olds, they teach subjects like Maths, English, French, Biology, History and Geography through funny, colourful narratives. They were created by a young Scottish illustrator who struggled with dyslexia himself at school and developed this method of learning to help other struggling readers.