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Ideas to stop after school hyperness

Are the kids bouncing off the walls after school? We’ve got some ideas from parents on things you can do to keep them busy.

Tip #1: Jump to the beat

If everyone’s getting hyper, this tip is a good way to burn off some of that excess energy. Put some music on, dance around, and get your kids to count out different actions with you - like 10 hops or 16 jumps - in time to the music.

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Tip #2: Poster play

Finding it hard to get your kids away from their screens? Why not try poster play? Getting them to make a poster of their favourite film or book is a fun way to keep them busy.

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Tip #3: Read a recipe

Channel some of that energy by getting them to give you a hand in the kitchen. Get them to pick a recipe and give it a go together – you’ll find plenty of ideas on Parent Club, and in books. Something simple like pancakes or scrambled eggs are perfect. Your little chef can read out the recipe, and then find the ingredients with you in the kitchen. Yum!

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Tip #4: Fantastic feast

Get your child to think up an amazing dinner their toys might like - and then get them to write everything down in a shopping list. They could think about how many potatoes they'd need to buy? What's for dessert?

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Tip #5: Jungle adventure

Want to calm their wild side after school? Try a jungle adventure by writing a list of what they'd need for a trip is a fun way to keep them busy. It’s also a good way to unstick them from their devices!

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Tip #6: Party planners

Ask your child to help you plan your next get together with family and friends - or have fun thinking up a pretend party! Write out a list of who to invite, what you might have to eat, what games you might play - and then make your own invitations.

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Tip #7: Ready, steady, go!

If you want a trick to get them doing something in record time, why not try “ready steady go”? Use a stopwatch or a clock with a second hand to help your child figure out how long it takes to do everyday things - like tidying up toys, getting ready in the morning, or helping you sort out the recycling. You’ll probably find they’ll start trying to “beat” their record- good news for getting the chores done!

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Tip #8: Thank you

When your child receives a gift or a treat, you could encourage them to send a 'thank you' drawing. To get them started, you could talk about the person they're doing the drawing for, and what that person might like a drawing of. Do they like dogs? Is the dog a happy or a sad dog? What's the dog's name? Who is the dog’s best friend? Lots of kids love making pictures for other people - and the person who gets it will be very happy too.

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Tip #9: Dear Tooth Fairy

If your child's tooth falls out, you could help them write a message or draw a picture for 'The Tooth Fairy', then put it under their pillow with the tooth. You could even write a message or draw a picture back to them (from 'The Tooth Fairy'). Just imagine their wee face when they find it and read it back to you.

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Tip #10: Read the letter

You could pick any letter or leaflet that comes through the door, Then, point out words and sound them out together. To help keep your child interested, while you’re reading the letter you could talk to them about what it means or even how they’d make it better.

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Tip #11: Write the letter

Once you’ve read through a letter or email with your child, you could talk about what it means, then help them write a response. You can have fun reading it over together.

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Tip #12: Love from... me!

Another fun activity for your child is to write a letter to a relative who lives far away. It doesn’t need to be long - you could even stick to just three sentences - like this: 'Hello Aunty Laura. How are you? I'm doing fine. I made a spaceship out of milk bottles yesterday. Love from Harry.' Your child could then help you send it by social media, email or even go “old school” by post!

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Last updated: 5 Jul, 2019