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How the Money Talk Team saved one dad £35 a week

James is a dad of 1 and lives in Fife. He called the Money Talk Team for advice on budgeting due to being out of work.

Call 0800 085 7145 today for a free and confidential chat with the Money Talk Team.

“I was nervous at first as it felt weird talking about my money situation, but the adviser put me at ease. We went over my current benefits and discussed various options.

"I had been thinking about claiming Universal Credits but we worked out that I’d be five pounds worse off each week, if I did. So, it was reassuring to hear that I was doing the right thing. We also ran through my loan repayments which were taking a third of my benefits each week.

"Just by making a couple of calls I’ve managed to get an extra £35 pounds a week in my pocket, which is more than enough to cover my monthly TV, broadband and mobile costs.  

"The team are friendly, helpful and the adviser properly listened. I’ve now told both my sisters to call as I think it could really help them too."

Call the Money Talk Team today

You can call 0800 085 7145 today for a free and confidential chat

Hours are 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday.

You can also go visit the team at your local Citizens Advice Bureau.