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Guide to introducing solid foods: 7-12 months

There is nothing new your baby can eat at 7 months that they couldn’t eat before. Just keep offering lots of different flavours and textures.

How much does a 7-12-month-old eat?

Until your baby is around 9 months, they’ll be getting most of what they need from milk.

Try offering between 2-4 teaspoons of mashed food as well as introducing them to soft diced foods, or a couple of pieces of soft finger foods (like boiled cauliflower). Remember, this stage is about trying new flavours and textures– don’t worry if they won’t eat, spit food out at first or gag.

At this age your little one will be having the same daytime and night milk feeds but you should notice that their appetite for food is building up. If you cut down milk too quickly they will be hungry and become constipated. Go at their pace.

Easy recipes for first foods

Tips from parents:

"Making lots and freezing is fab even in ice cube trays but don't do too much as their tastes change all the time and they like you will get bored of one flavour after so long."

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Last updated: 26 Jun, 2020