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Getting into a routine with breastfeeding

The best thing you can do in the early days and weeks is feed your baby whenever they show signs of being hungry and for as long as they want. Many babies fall into a pattern as their tummy grows and they get used to day and night hours. However, your baby is growing at such a rate that the pattern may change frequently - this is completely normal.

Respond to your baby's pattern

Your baby’s brain is changing very quickly so they need to know they're safe, secure and loved to grow into happy children. You can make them feel this way by:

  • Responding quickly to signs they're hungry or upset
  • Limiting the number of people caring for your baby
  • Holding, carrying and cuddling your baby
  • Making eye contact, talking to your baby and smiling!

Research shows that it's best for your baby to give them time to fall into their own eating and sleeping pattern - though it can be exhausting if your baby doesn't fall into any type of schedule after a few months. Just hang in there, the time between feeds will grow longer as your baby's tummy develops and they'll soon start to sleep longer at night.

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Last updated: 6 Jan, 2020