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Games you can count on wherever you are

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You can play counting games indoors, outdoors – anywhere and everywhere you go. Try out some of these different activities with your child to keep their minds busy, wherever you are.

Counting in and counting out games

Game #1: On the move

The next time you're on a walk together, ask your child to count how many red cars and blue cars they see. You can play this while you’re watching TV, too. Are there more red cars, more blue cars, or the same number? If you speak another language in your family, you could add to the fun by counting in your different languages.

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Game #2: Spot the number

For a 7 year-old, ask them to count how many 7s they see on the way to school - you could include addresses, street signs and buses. For 6 year olds, use the number 6, and so on.

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Game #3: Keeping them happy when out and about

Next time you are walking down the street, or even on the bus why not try getting them to add up al the red cars. You might find that given them something to do keeps them happy when you are out and about.

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Game #4: Counting goals

A football match can be a perfect opportunity to talk numbers with your child - how many goals, what fraction of the game has been played, how many minutes have been played when extra time is added on? It’s equally good if you’re at the game, or following the action on TV.

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Last updated: 8 Jan, 2019