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Games for two

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Counting with your child is a good way to get them thinking and keep engaged while you spend quality time together.

Try these games for two people

Game #1: Number magnets

You can break up number magnets, mix them up and help your child count forwards from Zero-10. Stick each number on the fridge or the radiator as you go. When you've stuck all the numbers up, why not count backwards from 10-Zero together?

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Game #2: Snakes and ladders

Quick questions can help your child learn while they play - try asking them what happens when you land on a snake? What comes after 29? Can you try counting in tens up the board? You could show them how to use their counter or finger to count up the board as you go.

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Game #3: Penny Tumble

Have you ever tried Penny Tumble? Just put 10 coins of the same type into a small container. One person can choose heads, the other tails. Then shake and spill to see who has the most. Count up how many wins each person gets.

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Last updated: 26 Oct, 2018