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Fun ideas they’ll really love

Reading time: 0-5 minutes

Storybook characters and finger puppets are a fantastic way to help your child understand how the world works. Using everyday activities like these also gives them the chance to express how they feel about themselves and the world around them – and that can help the ideas flow when they’re reading and writing.

Tip #1: Photo album for P3 kids

In the atlas, there are lots of interesting and funny facts about the different countries. Choose one, and ask your child to imagine you were both there. What photos might you take? Ask them to draw what would be in their photos and write a caption to explain what is going on.

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Tip #2: Story titles for P3 kids

Roll the story cubes and make up a title of a story using all three images.

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Tip #3: Finger puppets for P2 kids

Choose your favourite character together, then point to their face and encourage your child to describe how that character might be feeling - are they happy, sad, excited or hungry? You could flip it over and talk about how the puppet is feeling now - did they become sad or happy? And what happened to make them feel different?

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Last updated: 26 Oct, 2018