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Fancy a little family fun?

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Encourage your child to put pen to paper and let their imagination run wild – you won’t believe what they’ll come up with, and these activities will keep them busy for hours.

Try these fun family games

Tip #1: To unstick them from their screens

To help unstick kids from their screens, try poster play. Creating a poster of their favourite film is a fun way to keep them busy.

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Tip #2: Who’s coming to tea?

Get your child to make place names for a family meal or get together. They can write down everyone's name on small pieces of paper and then arrange them around the table. Where will everyone end up sitting!

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Tip #3: Puppets

Choose your favourite puppet together and pretend it's your new family pet. You could then talk about your pet - What's its name? What colour is it? What does it eat? Does it talk? If it does, then what does it say? Helping your child write down a sentence that describes your pet is a fun challenge and encourages them to think of adjectives ('describing words').

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Tip #4: Drawing book and pencils

Most kids love drawing their close friends or family - and the results can be hilarious. Encourage your children to think about what each person looks like and the clothes they usually wear. When they’re finished, you could help them label each person.

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Tip #5: For rainy days

A good one for a rainy day. Writing a story about their favourite ever day can keep them entertained.

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Last updated: 4 Jan, 2019