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Counting games to take to the shops

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Whether you’re doing the weekly big shop, picking up a few essentials, or shopping online, it’s always good to have a wee helper. Checking prices, adding up and counting coins is a practical way you can help your child understand numbers, and make them part of everyday life

Counting games to try at the shops

Tip #1: Avoiding sulks in the shops

If you are worried next time you are doing the big shop with the kids that a sulk is going to start, try bargain hunting! Finding all the items less than £1 on your list can keep them entertained.

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Game #2: Price matching

While you’re shopping, get your child to look for prices and check how much different things cost. You could turn it into a bit of a treasure hunt, and look for items that cost more than and less than £1. Or look for any item that costs £2 exactly. If something is on offer - 2 for £1, say - you could help your child work out what each individual item costs.

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Tip #3: Making the weekly shop a little easier

If your kids throw a strop when your shopping, why not try playing banana and beans. Ask them to find everything on your shopping list the begins with the letter 'B'. If you don't have a shopping list, ask them to point out all the 'B' words they see.

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Game #4: At the check out

Kids love doing grown-up things. So the next time you pop out for a few things at the shops, why not let your child have a go at counting out and paying at the till?

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Game #5: What’s in your basket?

Have a go at making a simple shopping list together, and look online to work out how much it would cost. What's the change from £10? If you’re shopping online, why not let your child help you put things into your basket? They could check the total with you as you go along.

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Last updated: 8 Jan, 2019