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Cooking up some counting fun

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The kitchen can be an exciting place for children. So when you’re making meals, or even just putting the kettle on, why not get them involved? Try the activities below to have some family fun – and keep them busy.

Tips to try at home

Tip #1: Keeping them entertained in the kitchen

Following a recipe together is a fun way to keep them entertained. They can help to wash rice before it goes in the pan or measure out ingredients. If you are stuck for what to cook, why not check out our recipes?

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Tip #2: Look at the labels

Pick out packets or tins of food. Then sound out the letters of each word and blend them together - like this …. ‘pa’ ‘s’ ‘ta’ – ‘Pasta’. For advanced readers, there’s always m-a-y-o-n-n-a-i-s-e.

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Tip #3: Find the foods

Choose a letter, then open the fridge or cupboard. Say, for example, you choose the letter ‘b’, you could ask your child to find all the foods that start with that letter… like beans, broccoli, bacon or bananas.

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Tip #4: Read a recipe

Try it out: Pick a tasty recipe - you could use a family favourite, or try something new. You’ll find plenty of ideas online, and in books. Something simple like pancakes or a healthy flapjack is perfect. Your little chef can read out the recipe, and then find the ingredients with you in the kitchen. Yum!

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Last updated: 9 Jan, 2019