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Breastfeeding and medication

Some medication can affect your breast milk, but it's easy to check. You can ask your doctor or pharmacist.

How do I find out if I can breastfeed on my medication?

You can check the Drug Factsheet from the Breastfeeding Network for the latest advice on all medications, from migraine tablets to what you can take if you have flu or a toothache.

The Drugs in Breastmilk Helpline

There's also a Drugs in Breastmilk Helpline (0844 412 4665) if you'd rather talk to someone instead. The line is run by a qualified pharmacist who is also a breastfeeding advisor 'supporter'. Your call might not always be answered straight away, but if you leave a voicemail they'll phone back as soon as possible.

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Last updated: 7 May, 2019