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Are you missing out on money that's yours?

Are you missing out?

I’m a single parent and full-time student. I’d really recommend that all parents on low incomes call the Money Talk Team. If it helped me, then it will definitely help them. It has useful advice on making sure you’re not missing out on benefits you’re entitled to, and saving on things like council tax. It really helps people that are struggling to make their money go further.

I called the Money Talk Team because I struggled to find advice on what I’m entitled to. Websites that estimate your benefit entitlement won't do so if you are a student and it’s really difficult to find the time to make an appointment to see someone and talk about it.

When I called the helpline, I was asked about what benefits I’m currently on, what my student loan is and my current living situation. As a single parent who’s at university full-time, I find it really difficult to find the time to make an appointment to see someone. The adviser emailed me all the info I needed so I didn’t have to spend too long on the phone, which I really appreciated.


I found out that I am currently on the right benefits but that I hadn't been receiving my full entitlement before starting university. I also wasn’t sure whether I could claim anything during the summer holidays when I wouldn't be getting a student loan, and if I moved out of my parents' house, if I would receive any financial support.

The advisor worked it all out for me.

I discovered that my current situation is best for me. Without the help of the Money Talk Team I would have made a claim over the summer and been significantly worse off.

I usually find talking about finances very confusing and intimidating but the adviser broke it down for me. I feel much more confident now that I have all the information about my finances to make decisions.

Are you missing out on money you’re entitled to?

Call 0800 085 7145 for a free and confidential chat with the Money Talk Team today.

To find more information on the Money Talk Team here.