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5,4,3,2,1, - Countdown games

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There are lots of games you can play with your child to help them count forwards – and here are some that will help them count backwards, too! Ready for some fun challenges?

Countdown games to give a go

Game #1: Singing by numbers

Singing counting songs such as 5 currant buns, 10 green bottles, can be a great way to help your child count backwards.

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Game #2: Forwards and backwards

Try taking it in turns to say alternate numbers to 30, while rolling or throwing a ball back and forth. Then, if you're up for a challenge, try it backwards and in 2s. Start at different numbers, or if you don't have a ball handy pat your tummy or clap your hands while you count.

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Game #3: Guess the number

You can play guessing games with numbers anywhere and everywhere. It's an easy way to make a walk to school, or a car or bus journey more fun. Just think of a number between 0-30 and get your child to guess what it is. You can help them by saying 'higher' or 'lower'. This will help them change direction while they’re counting, without even realising it.

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Last updated: 30 Oct, 2018