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4 tips for writing lists

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Writing a list can help your child with their writing and spelling, and it can be a great outlet for their imagination. There are no limits to what a list can be about – and here some ideas for inspiration.

Try these making list games

Tip #1: Go wild!

Ask your child what they'd pack if they were going into the jungle? What might they find there, and would they need to include any special items?

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Tip #2: To calm their wild side after school

Want to calm their wild side after school? Try a jungle adventure by writing a list of what they'd need for a trip is a fun way to keep them busy.

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Tip #3: Fantastic feast

Get your child to think up an amazing banquet their toys might enjoy - and then get them to write everything down in a shopping list. They could think about how many potatoes they'd need to buy? What's for dessert?

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Tip #4: Party planners

Ask your child to help you plan your next get together with family and friends - or have fun thinking up a pretend party! Write out a list of who to invite, what you might have to eat, what games you might play - and then make your own invitations.

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Last updated: 4 Jan, 2019